Small Arms Restoration, inc - Firearm Repair, Firearm Rebluing

Sar's Hunter special                                       $150.00

Metal is media blasted and then blued. no glare to scare game away

ever lose game because of a glint from your rifle?

Well, here is our solution

Top is 500 grit polished. Price is Standard plus $50.00. Bottom is "Hunters special" Price $150.00

SAR'S Hunter Special II

Metal is prepared just like above, and the wood is given a satin finish to reduce glare                                                                    $250.00


Standard Bluing    Rifles from $250.00   This includes removing old finish, any surface rust and polish

to 320 grit. Each added grit runs $40.00 each. So if someone wanted A 400 grit finish it would run $190.00, and so on.

the reas

on I show "from" is that one the old finish is removed

there could be previously unnoticed pitting as well as the pitting we see. Removing pits runs $60.00 per hour.

Handguns                        From150.00

the same process as above applies here as well. Both semi auto's and revolvers are included.


we will:

bed the receiver;free float the barrel

lap the bolt lugs if needed, clean thouroughly(clean copper fouling)

minor trigger work.(3.5 to 4.0 lbs pull)

All for $200.00. 7 to 10 day turnaround